Green Church

ICC is a Green Church


Caring for Creation

ICC is a Green Church in Denmark, and has renewed its diploma certifying its efforts to care for our environment. ICC makes careful use of resources such as electricity, water and heating.


Green Tips from the Congregation

Information about labelling of green products can be found here: Green Labels

Green ideas for a Good Stewardship Life can be found here: Good Stewardship Life

  • If you don’t have a dual flushing toilet, put a filled container in the cistern to use less water.
  • Remember to carry a cloth bag with you so you don’t have to buy a plastic bag.
  • Fly less and offset your CO2 emissions when you do. CO2 emissions are 2½ times more damaging at great heights than on ground. When flying for work or holiday, consider planting a tree occasionally. Rather than airline carbon offset schemes which have no transparency use a charity with provenance e.g. and
  • Sign up for electricity supplied from renewable energy supplier, your existing electricity company may have an alternative. If you live in an apartment block, ask your residents committee to consider it.
  • Draughty letter boxes and gaps under doors lose heat, its simple and cheap to ensure yours are draught proof before we go into winter again.
  • Carefully open magazine plastic wrappers, they can be reused as sandwich or freezer bags.
  • Before throwing something away, consider if it can be recycled or given away and if you need a new product for your home or clothes, try the second hand shops (genbrug) – there is a great Red Cross clothes shop in Lyngby, and a large one on Borgergade north of Kongens Nytorv.
  • Turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth – we all need reminding sometimes!
  • Try to recycle your old mobile phone through a Telenor store. They boasted that 304,000 handsets and mobile batteries were collected in Telenor Group in 2011 but their website is silent now (with my limited Danish).
  • Drink water from the tap and try to avoid buying bottled water. Plastic water bottles are a huge environmental burden – both the production of them and the disposing of them after use.
  • Turn your computer screen off manually every time you use it (work and home).
  • Reduce your use of cars. Use public transportation and your bike as often as possible. If you own a car, consider a hybrid or electric care next time you purchase one.
  • Eat less meat and when you buy meat try to buy meat from animals that are produced outside (fritgående). The production of one kilo meat emits 66 times that of one kilo potatoes.
  • When buying food and household products, look for Green Labels
  • If possible, harvest rain water and use it to water plants.
  • If you have one, don’t pave your garden, but leave the ground open to swallow water.
  • Become vocal – join a group or talk about climate change and what we can do to curb it.
  • Seek out and support communities, shops, organisations and products that promote sustainability
  • Make small changes. Act as if you can make a difference. Even if it seems like a drop in the ocean, keep hoping.