Story: In Zanzibar with Daniel and Hannah Madsen

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Our partners in ministry, Daniel and Hannah Madsen, are working with Danmission in Zanzibar. You can read more about their mission in Daniel’s blog (in Danish). Our creche worker Liv Westergaard visited them and was excited to share her experience with us.
“Last year I spent half a year travelling and working as a volunteer in East Africa with a friend. One evening while dining with our host family’s oldest daughter and her Danish husband, they told us about the workshop and store Upendo on Zanzibar and we should really consider stopping by. From the vague description of the location of the shop we did not put our hopes up high after arriving to Stone Town on Zanzibar. The city is a labyrinth of narrow streets just wide enough for two bikes to pass each other.

On yet another day of getting lost in the small city we happened to pass a building just like all the others. However, a small sign hanging from the wall said ‘Upendo’, love in Swahili. We were thrilled of the coincidence since we had not expected actually finding the shop in the maze of souvenir shops, galleries, antique stores, etc.

Unfortunately we did not get to see the workshop, but we had a look around the shop and really liked the design and colors which was a unique mix of European design and African colors. We did not know much about the organization behind the project, but knew that funding came from north of the equator.

I came home from Africa more than half a year ago, but this is a small world. Last Sunday I was sitting in church doing a puzzle with two Danish children. They told me about their dog back on Zanzibar and how they are going back in a few months. And finally that their parents work with a project in Stone Town, called Upendo. It was so strange and wonderful to be reminded of the trip and all the amazing memories.”