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  • This past Sunday we celebrated the teachers for our upcoming ICC school session. We are so grateful to all of those who volunteer

    September 02

  • This weekend's sermon text was on Luke 14:1,7-14. I look at what it asks us to do, including a little of what Pastor Tim preached:

    September 02

  • Why did Jesus come to bring division? In the following article I look at Luke 12:49-56, a troubling passage in which Jesus says He comes to bring division. I look at it in terms of our own personal peace (from Pastor Tim's sermon) that we may have to give up for others and at the divisive reaction of those opposed to a gospel of peace:

    August 19

  • Sept. 1 & 22 will be eye glass collection Sundays. See Cathy Schlicht-Bang. We collect no longer used glasses to be donated to the poor and homeless

    August 18

  • The ELCA with which ICC is affiliated has declared itself a sanctuary church body in an effort to help immigrants in the US.

    August 10

  • The Green Team is noting that there will be a "Greener" concert at Kødbyen, Vesterbro on Sept. 5 All the musicians participating are Vegans! There will also be workshops, talks and focus on animal welfare, the climate crisis and CO2 gases. The traditional Green concerts have been going for decades. This is a new twists! hope you can join..

    August 08

  • August CWR magazine: Greg Albrecht, Keith Giles, Brad Jersak, Pete Enns Includes Greg Albrecht on Christless religion, Brad Jersak examining three visions of salvation and Pete Enns on the Bible's true purpose.

    July 31

  • Mary and Martha - often understood as being about listening vs doing, but when interpreted alongside the Good Samaritan, tells us much more - based on Pastor Tim's sermon:

    July 22

  • We like to think of ourselves as the good Samaritan, but perhaps we have more in common with the lawyer, Levite or priest than we care to admit. Here I look at the villains of the story based in large part on Pastor Tim's Sunday sermon:

    July 15