Support ICC

As disciples of Christ, we are gifted in so many ways. When we answer the call to follow, we pledge our time, our talents and our possessions to build up the ministry of the Gospel. We are grateful for your giving to ICC, and ask that you continue your pledges through the coming months.

ICC does not receive financial support from the Danish government, the state church nor the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). Thus, our expenses must be covered from gifts to the congregation and members’ offerings. We encourage you to consider establishing a monthly bank transfer to make your offering to ICC. Experience has shown this to be the most reliable and effective way to financially contribute to the ministry of ICC.

If you allow ICC to record your donations by informing the Pastor ( or Sylvia Mathiesen (, you can ask for a contribution report and/or receive a tax deduction from the Danish tax authority, Skat. The church values your privacy, and financial information is kept strictly confidential.

There are several different ways to give to ICC.


From a Danish Bank Account

Contribute kroner directly into ICC’s account with Danske Bank, to be credited to account #4120068105 (registration number 3109).

From a U.S. Bank Account

You can direct deposit dollars straight to the Eastern Bank: International Church of Copenhagen for further credit to the account #088-209050-9. Alternatively, you can contribute a check in dollars made out to “Lutheran Mission Church ICC” to Eastern Bank, at P.O. Box 1439, Middleborough, MA 02346. ICC’s account number is #088-209050-9. (Please contact Sylvia Mathiasen and let her know you are contribution via Eastern Bank, as they do not provide us with the name of the depositor.)

From anywhere in the world

Please make your direct deposit to IBAN: DK86 30004120 0681 05, International Church of Copenhagen, Gjorlingsvej 10, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark, Danske Bank: SWIFT-BIC: DABADKKK

Offering Envelopes

You can put cash into special envelopes which you then put into the offering plate. There are two types of envelope. One is preprinted with a number that identifies you. You can obtain preprinted envelopes from Sylvia Mathiesen. You only need to write the amount you are donating on these. If you forget to bring a preprinted one or if you do not have one, then you can pick up a blank envelope at the Sunday service. Please put your name and email along with the amount on the blank envelope.


Please use the offering plate on Sunday mornings if you wish to give anonymously. These donations cannot be recorded and hence are not eligible for a tax deduction.