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  • A proposal for a new unified view of heaven and hell taking into consideration Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant thought (which fits well with the international nature of our church).

    January 16

  • The real story of the wise men is rather more scandalous than the one acted out in nativity scenes. The article references Pastor Tim's recent sermon.

    January 08

  • We wish you blessings of good health, faith and friendship in the coming year. Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and congregants for 2018!

    December 31

  • Loving our neighbour is even more imperative than we might have realised when we consider the dynamic nature of love and the end goal of bringing God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven:

    December 20

  • ICC has been a Green Church for 10 years now. Read an article where we are featured in the Danish Grøn Kirke home pages about our journey to become Green.

    December 17

  • The Green Team poke for December: 4 meatless meals!

    December 12

  • Hark the angels sang, and the kings came bearing gifts, the Christ was born!

    December 09

  • We have received a great recipe for beet soup and another one for pasta with Ikea veggie balls in the sauce. Keep them coming! We will make a cookbook with your environmentally friendly receipes this spring 😍

    December 06

  • Here are some interpretations of the well known widow's offering story including one from a recent sermon by Pastor Tim. The passage seems to have a simple message - that the widow shows full and complete devotion to God and we should too. That's certainly a true and positive message, but downplays other truths that this story reveals. Read more here:

    December 04