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  • Dear friends, Many folks from ICC are in Odense today (Saturday) to hear the performance of Leonard Bernstein’s “Mass.” If you weren't able to travel to Odense this weekend, you can still enjoy the performance! Odense Symfoniorkester's YouTube channel will be live-streaming the two-hour performance, beginning at 16:00. Simply click on the link below. Enjoy!

    September 01

  • Lots of young DIS students came by! Looking forward to welcoming them on Sunday!

    August 29

  • We are ready! DIS student fair!

    August 29

  • We heard you! Getting greener all the time...more acustal music to save electricity.

    August 26

  • We are still here! Worshipping even in the heat! Celebrating the Lord with music and the word

    July 29

  • For those interested in reading new books (perhaps one for the book club?), here is a summary of "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" by Jeremy Myers:

    July 03

  • ICC was graced with performances by Deborah Herbert and her beautiful voice. Apologies for the quality (or lack thereof) of the video.

    May 20

  • Søndag den 27. maj kører entusiastiske cyklister til sammen mindst 200 lange kilometer til fordel for Tværkulturelt Center. De kører fra Nazaret Kirke på Østerbro og fra Apostelkirken på Vesterbro. Blandt cyklisterne er den kurdiske asylansøger Mehrab Moradi, Holstebro/Center Avnstrup, de eritreanske flygtninge Tesfu Ghebru fra Næstved og Abel Zemhret fra Ringsted og den syriske flygtning Joseph Zahr fra Næstved. ENGLISH: Sunday, May 27th, enthusiastic bicyclers are riding at least 200 kilometers for the Cross-Cultural Center (Tværkulturelt Center). They are riding from Nazaret Church in Østerbro and from Apostel Church in Vesterbro. Among the cyclists are the Kurdish asylum seeker Mehrab Moradi, the Eritrean refugees Tesfu Ghebru and Abel Zemhret, and the Syrian refugee Joseph Zahr. -------------------------------- Som nye i Danmark er det svært for Mehrab, Tesfu, Abel og Joseph selv at finde sponsorer. Men de vil meget gerne cykle for Tværkulturelt Center og på den måde være med til at støtte Centrets arbejde for at give andre flygtninge en god start i Danmark. ENGLISH: As newcomers to Denmark it is difficult for Mehrab, Tesfu, Abel and Joseph to find sponsors. But they will gladly cycle for the Cross-Cultural Center and in this way contribute to supporting the Center's work in giving other refugees a good start in Denmark. Sponsor Mehrab, Tesfu, Abel and/or Joseph with an amount per kilometer. Mehrab is cycling 20 km, Tesfu, Abel, and Joseph are cycling 30 km. Spring greetings from the Cross-Cultural Center Interest in sponsorship should be sent to: Tværkulturelt Center, Ryesgade 68C, 2100 København Ø  3536 6535 -------------------------------- Sponsorér Mehrab, Tesfu, Abel og/eller Joseph med et beløb pr. kilometer. Mehrab cykler 20 kilometer. Tesfu, Abel og Joseph cykler 30 kilometer. Mange forårshilsener TVÆRKULTURELT CENTER Tilsagn om sponsorering sendes til Tværkulturelt Center, Ryesgade 68C, 2100 København Ø  3536 6535

    April 25

  • Please ..on Earth Day..we ask you to ponder how YOU can protect our planet. Thank you.

    April 22