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  • We like to think of ourselves as the good Samaritan, but perhaps we have more in common with the lawyer, Levite or priest than we care to admit. Here I look at the villains of the story based in large part on Pastor Tim's Sunday sermon:

    July 15

  • Review and summary of a really great book for kids:

    July 11

  • I write about how we find our vocations and my experience in doing so. I hope it is helpful to those who wonder what they are called to do.

    June 28

  • June 25

  • Hi, ICC friends! A Motorola smart phone was misplaced after worship today. If anyone happened to pick it up for safekeeping or moved it to another spot, can you please be in touch? Many thanks!

    June 16

  • Sunday school teachers are thanked by their students for this season

    June 16

  • Last day of Sunday school for this season. Thanks to all our dedicated, volunteer teachers!

    June 16

  • Pastor Tim's sermon on John 5 sheds light on something you may not have noticed as you pity the sick man - that he doesn't have a great character. Why would Jesus heal a man of no faith and poor character? It is troubling to our sense of fairness. Yet we can be thankful that we have a God who loves like this.

    May 31

  • ICC, as a green church, were represented at the climate march in Copenhagen, and Josh was there on behalf of the children. Greta Thunberg gave a great speech highlighting the existential threat and the lack of action by adults. Sometimes children can see more clearly than adults.

    May 29