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  • Hark the angels sang, and the kings came bearing gifts, the Christ was born!

    December 09

  • We have received a great recipe for beet soup and another one for pasta with Ikea veggie balls in the sauce. Keep them coming! We will make a cookbook with your environmentally friendly receipes this spring 😍

    December 06

  • Here are some interpretations of the well known widow's offering story including one from a recent sermon by Pastor Tim. The passage seems to have a simple message - that the widow shows full and complete devotion to God and we should too. That's certainly a true and positive message, but downplays other truths that this story reveals. Read more here:

    December 04

  • Thanks everybody for participating in the TKC refugee Christmas gift campaign...all names were distributed today! Please bring the wrapped gifts with name tags on already from next Sunday!

    November 25

  • God made the sun, trees, mountains and me...children sing leading us in thanks

    November 25

  • Here is another video of the choir performance on 18/11/2018 taken with a camera on a stand:

    November 20

  • Here is the App the Green Team is promoting to avoid food waste. Download and save on bakery goods, take out meals, all kinds of eatables!

    November 19

  • The website of the group Mike mentioned in the church service today about cruciform theology is Put simply, cruciform theology says that Jesus reveals the nature and character of God, one of self sacrificial love and of power shown in weakness especially on the cross.

    November 18

  • The ICC choir did their best today! The Canticle of the Turning.

    November 18