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  • The Scapegoat Theory of Atonement seems to explain rather well humanity's violent tendencies and the cycles of violence in human societies throughout history. It is described here:

    May 23

  • Green Team invites you to participate in a environmental March in Copenhagen on May 25th. 3 other Green Churches in Copenhagnen will also meet up at Skt Andreas at 12:00. We will then walk to Christiansborg (Parliment) at meet up with other marchers at 13:00. The event lasts until 17:30. We hope to uplift the environment to the politicians as the coming election approaches.

    May 21

  • The Moral Influence and Moral Example Theories of Atonement explained:

    May 15

  • An article about testimonies, including mine (Mike's):

    May 06

  • Remember ICC is an active Green Church. Please avoid plastics when you can, and re-cycle those you cannot avoid

    May 05

  • A reminder that this Sunday we are looking forward to a Jazz/Gospel Service with Deborah Herbert.

    April 29

  • Christ has Risen!

    April 21

  • We celebrated a lovely Palm Sunday. Join us this coming Sunday for Easter!

    April 15

  • Palm Sunday was the day we launched our Green Church Cook book. It is a collection of recipes received from the congregation on meatless meals and desserts. We "poked" the community at our Harvest festival and continued the challenge throughout Lent. Thanks to all who have participated and who are trying to be healthy and protect the planet. -- your Green Team

    April 15