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  • Dinner for Six will be starting soon! if you have not signed up for a group yet please do so soon! our topics are on Creation Time themes.

    October 05

  • CreationTime, protecting God's world by making sustainable and responsible choices. Today's coffee hour was fairtrade, ecological, featured local produce and tasted great! Thanks to Green Team for facilitating the event.

    September 24

  • don't forget! there are many opportunities to meet with other Christians from many cultures in and around Copenhagen and enjoy a meal too! see the link for upcoming dates

    September 12

  • We have T-shirts available to purchase which proceeds go to funding Mission and Outreach efforts! write to our email to order!

    August 07

  • A Bicycle Relay Race sponsored by the Cross-Cultural Center (Tværkulturelt Center) on behalf of refugees in Denmark will come to an end this week. Cities covered in the race include Århus, København and Nykøbing Falster where local sponsors contributed and supported the event. Pictured here are some of the happy cyclists.

    June 17

  • ICC is attending a conference today on our Green Church concept and how the UN Sustainability concepts (17) can be incorporated into our own!

    June 12

  • Your chance to attend the Fair Trade Challenge this Sunday from 1100-1500! At Copenhagen Town Hall and learn about Fair Trade products and ways of fair production. #fairtradechallenge

    May 09

  • Say Allelujah! He is Risen

    April 16

  • Great performance from Sara, Peter and Christina from 02/04/2017 (HD).

    April 10